Do You Need a Medicare Supplement Plan?

When a person reaches 65, they become concerned about the medical insurance they will need, now that they no longer are employed. Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B are issued to a person when they reach that age. This Medicare insurance will help cover ones physician services and hospital costs, but it will only be 80%. The remaining 20% will be the sole responsibility of the senior.  In the 47 states, there are available 10 standardized Medicare supplement plans to help with the remaining 20% expenses. These Medicare supplement plans are regulated by the government. They are designated by the letters A-N, but plans E, I, J, and H are no longer available. One would get these plans through an insurance agency. They must offer Medicare supplement Plan A and if they offer some of the other plans, they must also offer Medicare supplement Plan C or a Medicare supplement Plan F.

Where one lives will have a definite effect on the cost of the monthly premiums for these plans. An insurance agency will determine these costs, but one should be aware that those premiums may differ greatly. One will need to study each plan to see if the plan will cover all their medical needs and then determine if they can include the monthly premiums in their budget.  An Aetna Medicare supplement will help cover the deductible and coinsurance  one may need when they have a medical problem and have to see a physician or hospital. One must understand, these plans do not cover vision, dental, hearing, or prescription drugs. There is available a Medicare Part D plan that will cover these costs. Insurance agencies also will offer these plans to suit your needs. These plans should also be looked at carefully, as the costs of these premiums will also be different for each agency.

If one travels out of the country often, the medical needs will be covered up to 80%. If this applies to you, then you need to look carefully at each plan to see if this is included for your benefit.  So when one reaches the age of 65, one has a lot to consider about their health insurance. One can find a lot of information at, as well as, other websites that offer information on these Medicare supplement plans. This is a good place to start looking for the details ab